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SETAC is part of LETAC Security Services, an organization with 18 years of industry-wide expertise, offering end-to-end security management. SETAC’s transfers this vast market knowledge and applies it in the niche of mobile cybersecurity.

We offer battle-hardened encrypted communication solutions to groups of executives, business owners, and organizations. Our proven expertise and rich experience in conducting security audits have helped us find a mobile device with zero-attack-surface that thoroughly protects users’ data and guarantees absolute communication secrecy, ensuring the privacy and security of all our users.

Private Communications Guaranteed by Mobile Encryption

SETAC offers encrypted phones for privacy-concerned business owners that ensure the privacy of communication and guarantee the security of your sensitive data.

End-to-end Encryption
The information stored on the device and all data in transit is protected by AES-256 encryption unreachable even by nowadays supercomputers.
No Data Mining
The custom content provider guarantees that no third-party software can silently collect data from other apps on the encrypted phone.
Zero Server Trace
All data is kept only on the devices; we store no copies of chat messages or private email encryption keys and have no access to such information.
Tripe Password Protection
The encrypted hard drive, Secure OS, and the communication apps are protected by separate passwords to block all tamper attempts.

Zero-Vulnerability OS

The encrypted phone SETAC SECURE is powered by Secure OS, a custom-developed OS with security-hardened features and extremely reduced attack surface.

Multi-layered Defense

The OS features multiple defense layers such as security-hardened libraries, boot integrity check, and secure recovery mode, protecting against malicious attempts.

Advanced Data-Wipe Capabilities

The stored data will be wiped if anyone tries tampering with the encrypted phone. Also, the user can wipe all information with a single swipe.

Reduced Attack Surface

We mitigate the attack surface by allowing no third-party-software to be installed on the phone and offer custom app integration for specific customer needs.



The dashboard enables you to enjoy the unconditional security provided by SETAC SECURE while having quick and easy access to the apps you use the most. Writing an email, sending a chat message, making a call, and saving files in our encrypted container are all one click away.


The dashboard enables you to enjoy the unconditional security provided by SETAC SECURE while having quick and easy access to the apps you use the most. Writing an email, sending a chat message, making a call, and saving files in our encrypted container are all one click away.

Encrypted Chat & Calls

The end-to-end encrypted application allows you to send P2P messages, join group chats, and make VoIP calls with no sensitive data being stored on our servers. All information shared between you, and the peers you’re communicating with is fully encrypted in transit and stored only on your devices. If the encrypted phone gets stolen, all data could be remotely wiped by sending a predefined message to your account.

Encrypted Email

Send encrypted emails protected by powerful 4096-bit RSA encryption keys that are unbreachable even for modern technology and are fully user-managed. Keep your absolute privacy as all sensitive data is stored only on your device and the ones of the peers you’re communicating with. Even SETAC has no access to such information. You can also remotely wipe the encrypted phone by sending a predefined email to your Encrypted Email.

Encrypted Vault

The specially designed encrypted file storage is fully integrated with SETAC’s other privacy-cen tered apps and acts as an isolated information container. It offers you the ability to store multiple file-formats, seamlessly and securely share data through the encrypted apps and even save whole conversations or take encrypted notes. Through it, you can also create cloud-stored backups of your encrypted phone’s data and settings.

Emergency Center

In case of emergency, you can access the specially designed Emergency Center with a single swipe. It gives you the ability to wipe your data with a click. You can also access the Incognito Mode and make your phone appear as a regular Android smartphone to evade unwanted inspection.

Perfect Hardware Integrity At Your Disposal

The in-house developed devices of SETAC are ready to answer nowadays’ software and hardware threats with equal precision.

Reduced Attack Surface
To mitigate the chance of malicious software exploiting the phone’s sensors, we’ve completely disabled GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, and other sensors that pose a threat to your security.
Built for Security
The encrypted phone is specifically developed with security in mind. Rigorous quality control practices are implemented, ensuring the perfect integrity of SETAC SECURE hardware models.
Anti Chip-off
The phone’s storage is entirely encrypted as well, ensuring that no data could be physically extracted if your password is strong.
Global Coverage
The device comes equipped with a Multi IMSI SIM that ensures unlimited data roaming and global connectivity in more than 180 countries.


HD Screen



















Unmatched Mobile Security

Our encrypted phones are specially designed to answer the evolving threats and ensure absolute privacy, data security, and technological integrity for our users.

Encryption Strength

Zero Server Trace

Reduced Attack Surface

Global Data Roaming

Ease of Use












The in-house developed devices of SETAC are ready to answer nowadays’ software and hardware threats with equal precision.

How does SETAC guarantee the privacy of my communications?

We guarantee your privacy in three ways.

First, our communication apps use encryption based on peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols that have proved their reliability over time. All messages travel in encrypted form from the sender to the recipient.

Second, users are in charge of their privacy. The encryption keys used by our PGP Email client are generated and stored only on the users’ devices and, therefore, never touch our servers. No matter what happens to us and our infrastructure, your emails remain unreadable to third parties.

And third, we facilitate the communication between you and your contacts via the Encrypted Chat & Calls. No messages ever stay on our servers; they just pass through there and get instantly deleted. Messages get transmitted only when both the sender and the recipient are online.

What encryption do your apps use?

The Encrypted Email uses PGP encryption with 4096-bit RSA keys and digital signatures.

For one-on-one conversations, Encrypted Chat & Calls use OTR encryption with 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman, AES-256, and SHA-2 hashing. The app uses OMEMO encryption for group conversations, relying on the Double Ratchet protocol, with AES-256 and SHA-2 hashing. For voice over IP (VoIP) calls, the encrypted app uses the ZRTP protocol.

Are there any security backdoors in your products?

We’ve taken the effort to mitigate the risk from attacks in the first place by creating the perfect zero-attack-surface encrypted phone. Allowing to install no third-party software on the device, disabling sensors that attackers commonly use as backdoors, blocking all software from mining data, and introducing multiple layers of defenses, guarantees our customers that SETAC provides state-of-the-art data security and communication privacy with zero backdoors.

Can I erase the information on my phone if it gets lost or stolen?

Yes, you can. We offer remote wipe options by sending a message with a specific predefined command to the encrypted phone via the email or chat & calls apps.

Furthermore, SETAC SECURE will automatically be wiped in case the device doesn’t sync with our servers for a specific time; you can predefine.

It can also be wiped remotely by us at your request.

How safe SETAC’s PGP Encryption?

We’ve taken extreme privacy-centered measures to ensure the absolute safety of users’ data. Unlike competitors, we do not generate or store users’ private keys on our servers. Instead, all 4096-bit private key pairs are only generated through the Encrypted Email app and saved on the peers’ devices. They’re also extractable and storable as back-ups. Even if an email is intercepted, to break a 4096-bit key takes contemporary supercomputers around 14,000,000,000,000 years. The only inconvenience for users is that if you lose your keys, we’re unable to provide you with copies of them.

How secure are SETAC’s VoIP Calls?

In a VoIP call, the devices of both peers act as a client and server at the same time. They’re both transmitting and receiving information in true peer-to-peer communication, with no information going through any server thus making it inaccessible by third parties. The keys that are shared between the communicating peers shape the ZRTP connection and act as a protection against MiTM attacks by showing a short authentication string for users to compare over the phone which then becomes a shared secret. The protocol mixes parts of it with the shared secret of the next session, making each consecutive call even more secure than the previous one.

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